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Carers NT partners with SANE Australia to offer online peer support

February 5, 2019 1 minute, 18 seconds read Media Release
Carers NT partners with SANE Australia to offer online peer support

SANE Forums provide a safe and anonymous online space for individuals, families, friends and carers with mental health concerns to connect and share experiences.

The Forums are anonymous and moderated 24/7 to ensure they remain safe and welcoming for all members of the community, allowing people to talk openly with others about their challenges and experiences, offer support and insight, and share other helpful resources.

Carers NT Manager Carer Services, Caitríona Bailey said that the expanding network of SANE Forums would enable people who are geographically or socially isolated to become part of a welcoming and caring peer support community.

“The unique characteristics of the Territory, vast distances and isolated communities, calls on us to consider being innovative in how we deliver services and support to those in need. The SANE Forums can help people affected by mental illness connect with others who understand what they’re going through.”

“We understand that the challenges of caring for a loved one can be very challenging and isolating, with greater reach and accessibility, we welcome the opportunity of connecting with the SANE network and providing another support service for Territorians.”

Launched in 2014, the Forums reach more than 600,000 people, many of those in rural and regional Australia where mental health services can be fewer.

The online forums are not intended to be a crisis or counselling service, however if such case arises the moderators will direct the participants to emergency services.

The SANE Forums service is supported by the Australian Government, Department of Health and can be accessed at

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