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About Us

Carers NT is the voice that represents the needs and interests of carers in the Northern Territory. We work to achieve an improved quality of life for family carers in the NT.

Established in 1992, Carers NT is a non-profit, community based organisation and registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of the estimated 30,000 family carers living in the Northern Territory. Part of the National Network of Carers Associations, we are recognised by both Local and Federal governments as the voice of family carers. Carers NT represents carers interests in the Northern Territory.

Operating from offices in Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs and Ramingining, our role is to work in active partnership with carers, persons with care and support needs, health professionals, service providers, government and the wider community to achieve an improved quality of life for carers.

Every Australian is connected to carers

No one sets out to be a carer. But the birth of a child with a disability, a car accident, a fall at work, the diagnosis of a terminal illness or the increasing frailty of age can result in anyone becoming a caregiver or care recipient at any time.

Nearly everyone knows someone who’s a carer or relies on one, and it’s inevitable you’ll be one of those people at some time in your life.

The value of carers to Australia is immense

In 2015, carers provided 1.9 billion hours of unpaid care — a value of $60.3 billion if the government had to pay for it. That’s equivalent to 3.8% of Australia’s GDP and 60% of the health and social work industry.

How would our health system cope if those carers didn’t do what they do? The answer is that it couldn’t. So it’s crucial that we support carers in any way we can.

How we use funds to help Northern Territory carers

All donations and sponsorship funds raised by Carers NT stay in the Territory and go towards giving carers and their families vital support.

We know many people donate to charities based on their level of certainty that their money will go to the people who need it.

Carers NT and Carpentaria collaborated to hold the 1st Annual Wine Maker’s Dinner on 2 June 2018 at Club Tropical Resort.

Attendees were treated to a fine selection of wines from Scalzi Wines under a magnificent dry season starry night. The atmosphere was a perfect setting to raise the spirits of attendees who enjoyed the stories from carers and this helped them to identify with the individuals and give some understanding to the role that a carer makes to our community.

Funds raised on the evening will go towards supporting a group of young carers to attend a three-day respite camp in April 2019.

Some other ways that Carers NT have previously spent fundraising dollars:

  • Carers NT supported five carers in 2017 to attend the International Carers Conference in Adelaide
  • Family weekend retreats
  • Support with garden care
  • Relaxation massages
  • Additional Music Therapy sessions
  • Six week carer education courses

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