A person, or a business, may apply to become a member of the company by completing a membership form, paying the membership fee, and agreeing that they:

  • want to become a member,
  • support the purpose(s) of the company, and
  • agree to comply with the Carers NT Members Code of Conduct, Carers NT Constitution, and paying the guarantee under clause 4 if required.

Please Note: Membership expires 30th June each year and if you are applying as a business, please designate a nominee to vote at general meetings.

If you are under 18 years of age, please download the membership form here to get it witnessed and signed.

Changes to Financial Membership Process

Carers NT is introducing changes to Financial Membership processes to ensure our organisation continues to thrive with passionate and dedicated individuals who share our vision. This will offer a more streamlined and efficient experience for all applicants.

1. Board Approval for Membership Applications: Going forward, all membership applications will be subject to approval from our esteemed Board of Directors following consideration by the Membership Sub Committee. This will ensure that each application receives careful consideration and aligns with our organization’s values and objectives.

2️. Written Notification of Decision: All applicants will receive a written notification of the decision made by the Board of Directors to provide you with clarity and transparency, confirming you are aware of the outcome.

3️. Welcome Pack for Successful Applicants: We value each and every member who joins our organization. As a token of our appreciation and to help you get started on your membership journey, successful applicants will receive a special “Welcome Pack.”

About Your Membership

  • 1st year membership includes payment $10 (the guarantee) see clause 4 of the Carers NT Constitution
  • Membership follows the financial year – 1st July to 30th June
  • Members must abide by the Carers NT Membership Code of Conduct
  • Members will be invited to special events and workshops
  • Members will receive a subscription to the Carers NT e-newsletter and the Connect Magazine
  • All members are encouraged to attend the AGM and have their say in the future of Carers NT


Privacy and Code of conduct

Your privacy

The information you provide in your membership application is used solely by Carers NT in accordance with the Carers NT Constitution. As a member of Carers NT, your name, address, contact details and date of joining is recorded on our Membership Register, which may be viewed by any current member in a manner relevant to the interests or rights of members and in accordance with applicable privacy law.

Your information is stored securely and is protected from unauthorised access and will not be disclosed to a third party except in accordance with the Carers NT Constitution or as required by law. You can access and update your information by contacting Carers NT.


Code of Conduct

All members must adhere to Carers NT’s Code of Conduct as described in this document.