Privacy and Confidentiality

Your privacy is important to us

Carers NT commits to upholding the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988, and recognises the importance of privacy and community awareness regarding the collection, use, disclosure and security of any personal and sensitive information which may be collected as a result of our relationship with you.

What information is collected and held?

Carers NT is an accredited ISO 9001(Quality) service provider organisation, acknowledged advocate for, and voice of carers across Northern Territory.

Carers NT collects personal and sensitive information necessary to provide services in accordance with Australian Policy Principles. The principles explain requirements on how collected information can be used, securely stored and prevent accidental disclosure.

Collection and storage of personal and sensitive information may vary depending on the purpose for which it is collected but may include the collecting copies of:

  • written correspondence between you and Carers NT;
  • records of service delivery;
  • other documents like application forms requesting assistance ;
  • information used to report statistics information to funding bodies, and
  • relevant documents (paper and/or electronic form) necessary to carry out our functions.

Use of your personal and sensitive information

Carers NT stores personal and sensitive information securely at all times. Only people authorised and responsible for delivery of services to you may access your information, and this may include an authorised, external service provider.

You do not have identify yourself to make use of services. You may use a pseudonym when speaking with a Carers NT workforce members, unless it is impracticable to do so in the circumstances.

Choosing to be anonymous will not affect our delivery of services to you, but we do ask to use the same pseudonym every time you make contact with Carers NT.

Carers NT commits to:

  • maintaining your privacy; and
  • using your personal and sensitive information only for a permitted purpose.

Carers NT may collect, hold, use and disclose personal and sensitive information for purposes necessary to provide our services. Generally, these purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • contacting you as a client of Carers NT to provide relevant and up to date information;
  • complying with reporting obligations to government agencies and other funding bodies.

Sharing your information

Carers NT will not share your client information (name, address, age, gender, health and wellbeing, gender or other lifestyle choices) retained on our client information management systems to marketing organisations.

Carers NT will not send your name or pseudonym, and/or street-level address to funding bodies, unless this consent has been obtained.

Carers NT will share information you have consented to share. Your legal representative or guardian may give consent for you.

Carers NT must, in certain circumstances, supply a mandatory report to comply with legal requirements. If this occurs, your consent to share your personal information is not required.

Access to or correction of your personal and sensitive information

You are entitled to access, or seek to correct your personal and sensitive information. Please make your request in writing to the Chief Executive Officer. Your request must include your name, address and date of birth. To prevent sharing of information to an unauthorised person, you need to provide photo ID before releasing information.

Breach of your privacy

You can complain at any time to the Chief Executive Officer where you suspect a breach of your privacy has occurred.

Your complaint will be actioned in line with the accredited Carers NT Quality Management System, policy and procedures.

You may have questions

Carer NT both welcomes and appreciates your feedback or comments in relation to how your privacy is maintained with the collection and management of your personal and sensitive information.

(Privacy and Confidentiality Policy PO 2-003 04 September 2018)