Young Carers

Young carers are people aged up to 25 who care for a family member or friend who has an illness, disability, a mental health issue or an alcohol or other drug issue.

Young Carer Bursary Program

Each year, a number of bursaries of $3,000 are available to young carers aged 12 – 25 who are engaged in secondary education or higher. Applications open each year.

Young Carer Bursary Program 2024

Applications for the Young Carers Bursary Program 2024 open from 18 July to 12 September 2023 and are open to young carers in high school, TAFE, university and other vocational training.
The Young Carer Bursary Program supports young carers to continue with their education. The program offers 1,000 bursaries of $3,000 each year. Our Young Carers Team have spent the last 12 months improving the application process and developing materials to support young carers, young carers’ family and friends, teachers and professionals to understand the application process and support services available. Our team have drafted some social media copy (doc attached) and these can be shared along with our design collateral in the Social Media Kit. The kit is available online.
You can check out our new resources below:

  • Read the YCB Information Pack for Young Carers available in 9 languages
  • Listen to The Secret Life of Carers podcast featuring a young Kamilaroi carer
  • Check out the Frequently Asked Questions that our team have created for the YCB
  • Look at the social media kit and resources in the Organisation and Schools Information Pack
  • Join the YCB Wait List
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Our new Young Carers Network (YCN) website is now live and this will be the engine of our new application process. As our portal is brand new, young carers will have to register even if they have had an account in the past. This will help us to have current information for young carers, as well as offering a new and improved application process.
Since the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this further with young carers balancing online learning, increased caring commitments, and reduced social and community engagement opportunities. As we continue to experience lockdowns and restrictions, head over to our Caring through COVID project page and find out more about our live and on demand mindfulness sessions, The Secret Life of Carers podcast, the Personal Wellbeing Index self-assessment survey and our Understanding COVID 19 resource.

Education support

We can support you to balance your caring role and your school, college or uni work

In the past, we’ve met with school principals to adjust a young carer’s timetable around their responsibilities at home, arranged short-term tutoring and helped providing school equipment. Whatever it is you’re finding difficult, we’ll do what we can to help.

Take a break

Do you ever wish you had a few hours just to yourself?

We can help you figure out what a break from caring could look like for you, and assist with services to enable this to happen.

Young Carers Network

The young carers Network is a National online platform where young carers can share stories, connect with other young carers and attend webinars.

Talk it over

Do you ever feel like you just need to talk to someone who gets it?

Our carer counsellors understand some of the challenges you face, and can help you work through them.

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