Carer Activities

Carers NT offers a series of activities for carers, with the different options listed below.

Peer Support Groups (Darwin)

Carers NT provides registered carers with the opportunity to attend peer support groups which provide a supportive, comfortable and welcoming environment where carers are able to discuss day to day issues or topics of interest and collectively seek solutions through mutual support which are facilitated by Carer Peer Support Workers.

WOW (Working on Well being) (Darwin)

This group meets every Tuesday at 11:00 am. The group provides a supportive atmosphere for carers to discuss day-to-day issues, and collectively seek solutions through mutual support. The program aims to develop carers capabilities, resilience and improve relationships with loved ones.

Carers interested in attending this group are encouraged to register your interest. Contact Peer Support Worker Carmen Rautoka on 1800 242 636 or email her at [email protected]

"Care for a Cuppa" (Alice Springs)

The ‘Care for a Cuppa’ Support Group in Alice Springs meets monthly and is an initiative of Carers NT and ARRCS. This Carer Support group is held on the third Tuesday of each month and alternates between social gatherings and information/education sessions and are free for Registered Carers to attend.

Meetings start at 10am with each social gathering occurring at a different café in Alice Springs. Information sessions will generally be at the Carers NT office at 1/9 Parsons Street, Alice Springs although occasionally they are elsewhere.

"Watertank Carer Support" (Alice Springs)

The Watertank Carer Support group meets at 10am on the first Friday of every month at the Watertank Cafe in Alice Springs with many thanks to their very generous donation of free coffee and cake to the group.

Carers are invited to contact the Alice Springs Carer Advisor to register their interest for the Support Group’s and to receive a personal invite each month with details of the next meeting’s date, time and venue.

To contact Carers NT call 8953 1669 or email Steffanie Kitto [email protected]

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Kare for a Kuppa (Katherine)

The Kare for a Kuppa support group in Katherine meets monthly and provides registered carers a chance to meet in a comfortable and welcome environment.

The monthly meetings alternate between social gatherings and information sessions that are free for registered carers to attend.

Kare for a Kuppa group meets on the second Wednesday of every month at the Carers NT Office at Shops 4&5, 27 Katherine Terrace, Katherine for morning tea at 10am. The following monthly meeting will be held at an alternative location discussed by group participants for a social lunch.

Carers are invited to contact the Katherine Respite Advisor to register their interest or enquire about the Kare for a Kuppa support group, contact Carers NT on 8971 2766 or email on [email protected]