Young carers recognised in Achievement Awards

Carers NT Chief Executive Officer Steve Vitone has congratulated all finalists in the NT Government Young Carers category of the Territory’s Young Achiever Awards, saying that in his eyes they are all winners for the contribution they make towards their families and the community.

“We are incredibly proud to work with these young finalists who demonstrate a maturity and dedication to their family members way beyond their years. Not only do they provide unpaid care for their family members, they also continue to participate in community activities and advocate for other young carers. Our community as a whole should acknowledge the valuable role they play as caregivers,” Mr Vitone said.

The Young Carers finalists are:

  • Davida Norris,19, cares for her younger brother who has severe physical and developmental disability. Davida supports him with all activities of daily living including personal care, transport, communication and access to healthcare. Davida is active in her community as an advocate for young carers and people with disability.
  • Eloy Mason,16, provides up to 30 hours of care a week for his autistic brother. Due to Eloy’s care, his brother enjoys a wide range of experiences and continually learns new skills. Eloy supports him to participate in a diverse range of activities including sport, drama and community performances. Eloy actively advocates understanding and acceptance of those with intellectual disabilities.
  • Emma Symonds, aged 12, cares for her three brothers who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Emma participates in activities with the Carers NT – Young Carer Program.

“Congratulations to Eloy on being announced as the recipient of the NT Government Young Carers Award and to your fellow finalists, for the significant role you each play in making our community a much more caring place.”

There are more than 272,000 young carers in Australia, that is people up to the age of 25 caring for a family member, of these, 78,000 young Australian carers are under the age of 15. This equates to 2 or 3 children in every Australian classroom that have some level of responsibility as a carer in their home.

“At Carers NT our vision is to be part of a community in which carers are recognised and valued as a significant asset in which they have access to timely and appropriate services. We recognise that while being a carer can be very rewarding, caring for a loved one can also be emotionally and physically draining. Everyone at some point needs extra support, some time-out or an understanding ear to help cope with the situation,” Mr Vitone said.

“Our program aims to support young carers by encouraging them to develop a balance between their caring role and their education. Focus is placed on social activities with their peers, which provides an opportunity to develop relationships and peer support.”

“Congratulations to all finalists and category recipients in the 2018 NT Young Achievement Awards, as future leaders in our community I am confident that we will be in safe hands. To our young carers, thank you for the marvellous work that you already do and best wishes for the your future endeavours.”

Young carers supported by Carers NT will further promote their cause during NT Youth Week, with a Young Carers Showcase evening at Barbara James House on Thursday, 19 April. A team of young carers will participate in the Anglicare Youth Homelessness Matters Couch Surfing day on Wednesday, 18 April.

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